The Glitter Project

Welcome to The Glitter Project - your home for craft projects, tutorials, and a community of women inspiring creativity!

Projects: Browse the projects page to find the perfect crafts for you.  Kits are perfect because they include all the materials you need to craft your heart out. A new project is available every month!

Tutorials:  I’ll be posting blogs and videos on various crafting topics.  Make sure to tune in the first Wednesday of every month to do the craft of the month with me live on Instagram.  This is a great opportunity for you to not only have a live demo but for you to ask questions and interact with other crafty ladies.  Can’t make the live session? I’ve got you covered! All videos will be saved to Instagram so you can watch them any time.

Community: Whether you’re a solo crafter or enjoy a girls night complete with wine and glitter, The Glitter Project community is your place to share ideas and to inspire one another.

Why The Glitter Project is for you

  • I don’t know about you girls, but I don’t have any room to store my craft supplies.  No more buying an ENTIRE roll of burlap when you only need a foot. You’ll only receive the materials you need.
  • I have some questions.  Like, how do you get all of the strings from the hot glue gun off a project?  I’ll be posting questions on Tip Tuesday and I want to hear from YOU!
  • Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than making my own decor.  If you agree, then you’ll want to follow along as we give our homes some festive flair.
  • There’s nothing worse than the craft store not having all the materials you need and you have to wait for your Amazon delivery to start your project. The Glitter Project will deliver everything to you in one box!
  • I once spent $100 on materials for a project when I could have bought the finished product at the store for half the price.  And when I say once, I mean I have done this several times. Your box comes equipped with only the materials you need, which means more money for crafts!